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What is an Executive Dashboard?

An executive dashboard allows you to visually analyze and summarise lots of data in a single page and then share this with management. 
Track KPIs (key performance indicators), identify trends and/or forecast performance results – all on one page!

Data Interactive Automated Analytics delivers insightful Executive Dashboards to enable management to make informed decisions quickly. 


Track critical metrics with powerful executive dashboards.

Executive Sales Dashboards
Get deeper insights into your sales pipeline and quickly spot trends on lead sources, campaigns, owners, and territories. Understand your sales force’s current performance, identify opportunities, and achieve higher sales with sound insights.
Executive Marketing Dashboards
Analyze inefficiencies in your marketing activities, optimize, and achieve higher conversion rates. Measure your marketing ROI, analyze your website traffic, and know the impact of your email marketing campaigns.
Executive Finance Dashboards
Perform in-depth financial analysis and make data driven decisions. Analyze cashflow across domains, identify your most and least profitable services, track your debt, assets, and market value.
Executive Helpdesk Dashboards
Get an overall picture of your helpdesk at a glance. Measure, manage, and improve customer satisfaction, monitor deadline compliance, and evaluate the overall performance of your support team.

Deeper analytics

With our executive dashboard solution, we can build formulas for your KPIs using an intuitive formula engine that offers extensive mathematical and statistical functions. Make the KPIs as part of powerful and effective business dashboards.

Accessible across all devices

Access the executive business dashboards you create from PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Experience analytics on-the-go.

Stop preparing reports, embrace our executive dashboards
and make informed decisions faster.