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Gain actionable insights from your data and transform your business using the powerful analytical capabilities
provided by Data Interactive Automated Analytics.

Get Data

We connect to your data and prepare it for you quickly and easily.

Data Interactive Automated Analytics connects to 500+ data sources, auto-syncs and includes data storage in our cloud
– no IT infrastructure or setup required!

Easily import and synchronize your business data scattered in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services and online/offline applications into Data Interactive Automated Analytics for analysis & reporting. Data sync is automatic with periodic scheduling. Learn more

Get data from any of your data sources using a simple to follow wizard. Choose what data to import, how you want to import and when to import in easy steps? Imported data are stored in entities called ‘Tables’.

Data Interactive Automated Analytics offers wide range of options to prepare your data for effective analysis. You can format, add calculated fields, split columns, cleanup data, merge data and do much more.

You can link connected data sets through lookup columns. This enables you to create reports & dashboards blending data together across different data sources.


Got a preferred chart or visualisation – no worries – we have so much capability waiting for you!

Data Interactive Automated Analytics can be consumed on a DIY basis, or take the ‘made-for-you’ path
and we’ll build and maintain it for you! Hassle-free, immediate results!

To create a chart, click New -> New Chart View, upon selecting the corresponding data table.

Use the intuitive drag and drop based designer to construct the required chart. Drag the columns listed on the left pane and drop them in the appropriate shelves in the design area.

You can create charts with multiple Y – axis. Example chart shown has Sales and Cost in the Y-axis.

You can apply powerful filters over charts by selecting the Filters tab in the design area. These are design time filters applied when you create a chart.

Data Interactive Automated Analytics allows you to include dynamic filtering capability in the reports you create, known as “User Filters”. User filters enable your users who access the report, to apply filters on the data displayed.

With the drill down feature, you can start with a category in the chart to drill down the hierarchy. This helps you to perform exploratory analytics of the category, right away in the same window.

Charts are highly interactive providing options like contextual tooltips, area highlight, legend filters, drill downs and more. This enables dynamic analysis.

Data Interactive Automated Analytics supports 40+ chart types including Line, Bar, Combination, Geo Maps, Heat Maps, Scatter, Stacked Bar, Pie, Funnel, Ring, Area, Stacked Area, Web and Table chart types.

Pivot Tables

Easy to use, Easy to read, Easy to find data … Too easy!!! 
Drillable, Shareable, Very insightful pivot tables make business reporting a breeze!

Data Interactive Automated Analytics meets your bespoke needs – we make software work for you not the other way around!

Variously called as Cross Tabs or Matrix View, Pivot is an important report type useful in data analysis. Data Interactive Automated Analytics supports a flexible and feature-rich pivot table report type.

You can create Multi-level pivots too. The screenshot shows a pivot table grouped at multiple levels on both row and column level, summarizing sales & cost.

The pivot table can be sorted based on any column by either clicking the corresponding sort icon or by selecting the required options from the sort menu.

Data underlying any point in the pivot can be seen by clicking on the same.

Conditional formatting feature allows you to visually highlight data cells in a pivot table with different styles based on matching conditions.


Need your key data in one spot, real-time, interactive and shareable online? You got it!

Data Interactive Automated Analytics delivers powerful interactive real-time Dashboards without you raising a finger!

Dashboards provide a snapshot view of your key business metrics for quick and easy analysis. A dashboard can contain reports, KPI widgets, images, rich formatted text along with dynamic filters organized in a flexible layout.

Dashboard creation is completely drag & drop based. In the designer, you will see the list of reports on the left pane. Drag & drop any report into the design area to make it a part of the dashboard.

You can add rich formatted text along with images and URL Links to provide a rich look & feel to your dashboard.

You can arrange your reports in a multi-column layout. Resize them to your needs. Use contextual options to customize the components embedded in the dashboard
Choose from a range of visually appealing themes for your dashboard. Try any of the packaged themes available, or customize your own theme.

KPI Widgets are single metric view components, with possible trend indicators, providing a quick & easy visualization of any data metric.

You can export a dashboard as a PDF (printer friendly) or HTML file. You can also share, publish, and embed the dashboards.

Sharing & Publishing

Forget self-service Dashboards, get Scheduled emails, real-time data alerts and central collaboration portal all in one place!

Data Interactive Automated Analytics delivers the information directly to you when you need it. 

Accessible over the web, Data Interactive Analytics helps you collaborate easily with whoever you choose to – peers, clients, vendors – with its intuitive sharing and publishing options.

A group is nothing but a collection of email addresses of individuals. Setting a workspace group helps in easy collaboration within a group of people.

Enable comments on any shared report or dashboard. Start commenting in real time and make data driven decisions together with your shared users.

Dashboards and Reports can be embedded in your websites, intranet, blogs, and other web applications for wider access. The dashboards/reports embedded are live and interactive.

You can also generate a Link/URL for any dashboard or report, with appropriate permission, to access it standalone, directly from the browser. URLs make it easy for bookmarking and for circulation among users.

You can choose to make the views created in Zoho Analytics public, thus making it accessible to everyone without login. These views can be accessed by knowing the access URL.

You will often need to exhibit your reports and dashboards live for a wider audience. Creating slideshows enables you to visually present your analytics as a story to your audience.

Build your own executive dashboards.