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Data capture from vehicles to enable cost savings


Specialist knowledge and automated analytics and reporting of complex tax calculations.

Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

We have a comprehensive automated solution to help you monitor manage and maximize the value from your fleet. Modules Include:

  • Tax Logbook for Individual cars
  • Tax Logbook for Shared Cars
  • Fuel Tax Credits Reporting
  • Odometer Reading
  • Vehicle Location
  • Fleet Optimisation
  • Driver Safety
Strategic sounding board


Facilitated workshops

Tax Automation And Savings Solution

  • Tax reporting is one of the most common business critical, data centric processes.
  • What’s more, the cost of error ranges from reputational risk with unforgiving tax regulators to significant fines, penalties and interest, not to mention the business disruption caused by ‘investigating’ unexpected errors.
  • For many organisations, significant tax savings also exist but are unable to be identified due to a lack of automated data analytics capability or insufficient specialist tax experience.

Tax Analytics

  • Our Tax Analytics business combines our innovative vehicle technologies and online automation platforms with the 60+ years experience of our highly regarded Indirect Tax team allowing us to offer a truly unique proposition in the Australian market:
  • Identification and realisation of tax savings across specific Australian indirect taxes such as Fuel Tax Credits, FBT, and GST;
  • Australia’s telematics solution 3 ATO Class Rulings; and
  • Cloud hosted, unlimited automation of existing tax recurring processes (GST, FBT, etc) with NO software to install. Simply design process steps and automate! Expensive finance resources can now focus on value adding tasks!
  • In short, we bring process efficiency and accuracy to the mundane (but mandatory) tax preparation processes while also, identifying and realising significant tax savings (and historic refunds) for our clients through the use of our innovative technologies.
Facilitated workshops
Facilitated workshops

Fuel Tax Credit, FBT, And GST Savings

  • Our Tax Analytics team are specialists in Fuel Tax Credits FBT, and GST savings projects and has delivered in excess of $50m+ in tax refunds to Australian businesses. When it comes to experience, insights and value our team is proven and currently have a 100% success rate on all indirect tax refunds requested from the ATO.
  • Examples of tax savings projects include:
  • Fuel Tax Credit savings based on off road travel in client mine site area – $1.5m pa
  • FBT Motor Vehicle Savings – $1.2m pa as a result of automating logbook data capture for 500 vehicles
  • FBT car parking savings – $400k for 4 years for CBD employer
  • GST Savings – data analytics and technical issues reviews resulting in $5m annual savings and significant historic savings
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