Assign Forms

Let your employees collect the form data you need. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and long waits by assigning forms to team members, who can then gather and manage form submissions on any device — even offline with Data Interactive Mobile Forms!
Assign forms to company members with an email invitation or by sharing a form link with an expiration date. You can require sign-in so only company members can easily view, edit, send, and save submissions from any device. You’ll even be able to track assignee activity with individual “Sent Boxes” and send reminders, so you can stay in control of your data.

Invite people to fill out your form

Assign your form to others using individual email addresses, a CSV upload, or a shareable link with an expiration date.

Add assignees via email

Assign your forms by entering individual email addresses — or if you have a long list of assignees, upload them all at once with the CSV upload option.

Share your form with a link

You can also assign your form by sending it to users with a shareable link.

Set up an expiration date

To ensure that your form is only filled out when it should be, add an expiration date and time to your form.

Professional interface for your employees

When you assign a form, your teammates will sign up to Data Interactive with their own credentials. They’ll then have an interface where they can manage all their assigned forms in a single place.

Require sign-in for your assignees

When you assign a form, your assignee will need to sign up for Data Interactive with an email and password — ensuring your form and form data is only accessed by the people you want to access it.

Grant form access to company members only

When you assign your form as a link, ensure that your employees are the only ones filling it in by restricting access to your company’s email domain only. To enable this feature, change your settings to Company Access and enter the email domain you want to use.

With Data Interactive Enterprise Enterprise, you can even enable single sign-on to maintain tighter control over your account’s security. Users will be authenticated before accessing your forms and data.

Easy form access for your assignees

Assignees will have easy access to all their assigned forms in a single place, eliminating the need for back-and-forth messages and emails. They can then access and fill in their assigned forms as often as needed.

Easy access to submissions

Assignees can view and edit their submissions from their own Sent Box. They can also access draft submissions and finish filling them out later.

Let assignees save submissions as drafts and complete them later

Enable the Save and Continue feature to let assigned team members save their submissions as drafts. Your users will receive an email that enables them to access their drafts and continue their forms at a later time.