Data Interactive Secure Online Forms

At Data Interactive, our reputation rests on our ability to provide all of our users with the highest form security.

Why is Data Interactive Secure?

Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is a top priority for us. You can rest easy, knowing that we take every precaution to provide an online form service with high grade security.

256 Bit SSL

Regardless of your plan, all your forms are served across protected 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection that uses a SHA256 Certificate. This is the same level of protection used by online banking or e-commerce providers.e

Encrypted Forms

You can easily encrypt your forms to ensure that submission data is transferred and stored in a secure format and no one else can read it. Submissions are encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048 right at user’s computer then transferred and stored in our servers securely.

PCI Certification

Data Interactive is PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant, the highest security attainment you can have as a business that collects payments from, and integrates with, credit cards.

GDPR Compliance

Data Interactive is fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the data protection law taking effect on May 25, 2018. This applies to any business that collects data in or from Europe.

CCPA Compliance

Data Interactive is compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which protects California residents by requiring businesses to handle their online and offline data in a responsible manner.

HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare providers collect patient information through Data Interactive’s HIPAA-compliant forms. A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is also available upon request. Read More

Spam Protection

In addition to the Captcha’s that you can use in your forms, we have several other options to protect your forms from spammers. For example, you can choose to allow only one submission per IP or computer, or you can disable your form after a specific time or number of submissions. Read More

Form Privacy

In privacy settings, you can limit access to your data depending on the level of privacy that you choose. You can also disable cloning of your forms or require a login to access a submission (this is by default protected via unique URLs).

How you can make your forms even safer?

There are several form security options for your data in Data Interactive. This makes it easy to choose the level of privacy and security that you want for your forms.
You can easily encrypt your forms to ensure that submission data is transferred and stored in a secure format. Data Interactive uses the RSA-2048 algorithm while encrypting your form data. Since you own your encryption key, use caution storing it. If you lose your key, it is impossible to access your encrypted data anymore.

When you enable this feature and get a submission, notification emails sent by Data Interactive does not include any form submission data. You can learn more about how to encrypt your forms here.

File uploads are not covered within this feature. You can read about file upload security from this post.

Set Privacy of Your Forms and Data
Access to submissions of a form is protected and requires login to the account which owns that form. However, a single submission can be viewed if the unique, and almost impossible-to-guess URL of that single submission is known. If you think that you want additional privacy, you can add an extra layer of protection and require login in addition to the security provided by unique URL.

Since you have total ownership of your forms and submissions, access to your data is granted only with your permission when you use an integration widget and/or app. Rest assured that we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Keep Your European User Data in Servers
You can select to store your data in the European Union (EU) from the Data tab in your account settings. After confirmation, your form data will be copied to our European servers in Frankfurt, Germany, run by Amazon Web Services. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be automatically redirected to upon login. There’s no need to worry about the safety of your data. Data Interactive is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

With Data Interactive Enterprise, you can use geolocalization to host form data on servers in almost any part of the world. Since many countries — including Australia — have laws requiring this, it can be an invaluable tool for global businesses.