When a spreadsheet isn’t enough for your team

Collect, organize, and manage data in an all-in-one workspace. Share in one click for seamless collaboration. See your data differently with Data Interactive Tables.


The possibilities are endless!

Process Online Form Responses
Create an online form to collect responses and auto-populate your tables with submission data.
Import Existing Data

Import CSV or Excel files directly into Data Interactive Tables to work with your existing data.

Enter Data Manually
Add new entries by hand — or update your tables as you go!

Sync responses from connected forms, import data, or enter data manually into Data Interactive Tables. Then search and filter your data, add formulas and calculations, and collaborate with teammates in a powerful all-in-one workspace.

Collect data quickly & easily

Gather data through custom online forms. Responses will automatically appear in Data Interactive Tables, ready for you and your team to use.

Here’s how to get started:

Create an online form with our Form Builder and share it with teammates or clients via link, on social media, or by embedding it in your website.


Submissions will automatically appear in your Data Interactive Tables database.