Data Interactive FormS Approvals

Automate your approval process with ease.

Streamline approvals within your workflow. Collect HR requests, job applications, IT tickets, and more with online forms and turn them into tasks in an automated approval flow.

Easy-to-Use Builder

Set up in minutes

Build the perfect approval flow without any coding. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily add approvers, emails and conditional branches to your approval process.

Online Form

Turn Forms into Flows

Create any form from scratch or customize a free template with our Form Builder — and turn form submissions into approval flows instantly.

Build the perfect online form for your website and start collecting responses instantly.

Create an approval flow for submissions that you can easily track and manage from any device.

Email Notification

Notify users via email

Send approvers automated emails for every new task they receive. Form respondents will receive personalized emails if their requests are approved.

Data Interactive Inbox

Respond to submissions fast

In Data Interactive Inbox, approvers can view and respond to pending approvals, and form owners can track every step — so no task gets left behind.

JotForm Tables

View all submissions in one place

See your information in the way that works best for you and your team with Data Interactive Tables, an all-in-one spreadsheet-database hybrid.

Mobile App

Complete tasks on the go

Download Data Interactive Mobile Forms for free on iOS or Android to manage your forms and approval flows from any device.

Create automated approval flows with Data Interactive