Global Mining Company delivers GST and exception reporting process improvements through automation

Facilitated workshops

Global Mining Services

Automation Example

  • Monthly Australian GST reporting process automated, including significant improvements in exception reporting and dashboards to provide data visualisations. Automation design also allowed for replication of process for New Zealand tax requirements with minimal effort.

Current State Scenario

  • Total effort 4-5 days to prepare and lodge GST return:
  • Approx. 3 days effort for offshore processing team
  • Approx 1.5 days effort onshore tax team
  • GST process could not start until offshore team had completed their work
  • Minimal exception reporting due to time constraints

Automation Outcomes

  • Total time for process to run 5 mins (includes 5 new exception reporting tasks).
  • Australian Tax team self-sufficient as no longer waiting for offshore team to complete ‘robot-like’ tasks
  • More accurate and timely results
  • Full audit trail of every change made to data files

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