One of Australia’s largest local governments used automation and workflow across 3 business units

Facilitated workshops

Large Local Government Council Authority

Automation Example

  • 3 processes automated across Finance, Digital City, Infrastructure planning. These processes involve data validation, manipulation, workflow (based on user defined parameters), exception reporting and final documentation preparation and communication via email and SMS

Current State Scenario

  • Finance Asset accounting example:
  • Total effort in on sub-process was 870 minutes per month – approx. 14.5hrs – across 5 finance officer’s.
  • All finance officer’s performing the same tasks but over time template documents were being changed and errors occur in formulas and calculations

Automation Outcome

  • Automated process takes 8 mins to run
  • All outputs are consistent
  • Exceptions can be identified quickly and sent for review.
  • Data validation mostly automated removing human errors in review process
  • Time saving greater than 14hrs per month – 21 days per annum

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