Top 10 ASX listed entity automated monthly tax processes

Facilitated workshops

Top 10 ASX listed Transport Company

Automation Example

  • Monthly Tax process reviewed and automated including exception reporting and dashboard reporting.
  • 44 processes identified and engaged to provide automation building services as well as automation project management, training and governance support.
  • Current project covers all Group finance functional areas with a view to expanding to subsidiaries and non-finance operational divisions

Current State Scenario

  • Tax process example:
  • Total effort 2.5 days:
  • Approx. 1 – 1.5 days effort for Accounting operations team to prepare data
  • 1 days effort for tax team to do high level review
  • Tax process could not start until all data validated (manual repetitive checks)
  • Minimal exception reporting due to time constraints

Automation Outcome

  • Time for process to run – 3 mins.
  • All data validated automatically.
  • Data exceptions emailed to relevant area (in progress – areas being decided)
  • Tax team receive preliminary results instantly
  • Dashboard reporting now possible to hence process (in progress)
  • Full audit trail of every change made to data files

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