Operational reporting and productivity enhancement

Facilitated workshops

Major Australian Manufacturing Entity

Automation Example

  • Operational reporting and productivity enhancement. Current project focused on automating daily manufacturing yield reporting as well as automation of multiple data validation checks and balances

Current State Scenario

  • Critical reporting process – Production Utilisation Report – to be completed by 8am (starts at 3am) daily after previous days morning, afternoon and night shift complete.
  • 3 – 5 hours spent daily by 2 FTE reviewing, validating and reporting on production data from previous day
  • Results of previous day’s Product Utilisation Report inform manufacturing decisions for the next day.
  • Important but extremely mundane data validation tasks including common repetitive queries of production staff to ‘investigate’ variances

Automation Outcome

  • Reporting process now takes less than 5 minutes. No more 3am starts for staff!!
  • Phase 1 automation replaced 90% of data validation and reporting human involvement
  • Phase 2 Enhancements include:
  • real-time reporting of data exceptions – reports can be generated after each shift, rather than daily process to allow for in-shift production adjustments rather than waiting for the next day.
  • seamless data visualisations and reporting
  • automated alerts when daily/shift targets not met

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